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  • Sell Your Ride Like A Boss

    Enlist with us to sell your super bike with us or park it at our facility to get the best possible deal.

  • Hassle-Free

    At Boss Rides, we ensure a hassle-free process. Make up your mind, and we’ll get your ride sold in no time.

  • Get free valuation advice

    The best free advice you’ll ever get: Share the specifics of your ride with us, and we’ll evaluate it for you.

  • No Unwanted Calls

    We respect our clients’ privacy and do not share any contact information with third parties. So, no spam calls.

  • The fastest way to sell your bike

    Connect with us, list your ride, and consider it sold in no time. Our team will take care of it quickly.

  • Trouble-free transfer of ownership

    Leave the paperwork to us; we guarantee a quick and painless transfer of ownership.

  • Get the best possible deal

    We know your ride’s worth and make sure you get the value you deserve in exchange for it.

  • Park and sell

    If you’ve got the time, we have an alternative for you: park your vehicle at our facility until we find you the best deal.

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    Boss Rides' Mandatory Checkpoints


    • No Accidental History

      We procure only the best rides by ensuring that they haven’t been involved in major damage-causing accidents.

    • No Odometer Tampering

      We follow stringent parameters and are against fraudulent practices like odometer tampering.

    • National Crime Record Check

      We take the necessary precautions to ensure that the rides we sell have not been involved in any illegal activities.

    • Insurance History Check

      To make sure you and the person who’ll buy your ride both get the best deal, we thoroughly check the insurance history.

    • No Litigations

      We have very strong ethics and do not indulge in the sale or purchase of rides that have any litigation attached to them.

    • Service History Check

      We ensure the ride is in its best shape by conducting detailed service history checks.

    • Physical Evaluation

      Our comprehensive physical evaluation includes various phases, ensuring the ride is fit to be passed on to another.