The World of Pre-owned Super Bikes

Boss Rides was founded by Mr. Akshay Chaudhary to revolutionize the market for pre-owned luxury bikes. It aims to streamline the complex process of buying or selling a ride, making your dream of owning a superbike a smooth ride with our support every step of the way. We are also planning to launch the Boss Rides Club to provide our patrons with an exceptional experience.

Wide range of vehicles

Our extensive inventory consists of vehicles of all kinds and brands.

Trusted by thousands

Fulfilling the promise of 100% customer satisfaction, we are trusted by thousands.

Faster buying & selling

Our simplified and comprehensive services make buying or selling a vehicle easy and fast.


  • Stringent quality parameters for procuring a vehicle
  • Setting new and high experience standards
  • A dedicated team of experienced professionals


Our mission is to add a human touch to every transaction, providing an exceptional overall customer experience and leaving a lasting impression.


Boss Rides aims to disrupt the unorganized market of pre-owned superbikes and build an organized platform at a national level.


We aim to bring ride owners the convenience they crave. Luxury is not just about owning a great ride but getting the right type of assistance for it whenever and wherever you need it.